"Friendly and Trustworthy-
Adrienne at Kids Korner is wonderful. My daughter started at her 
daycare and had no problem with the transition. My mind is at ease with her at 
Kids Korner. It makes it easier for me to spend my day at work."- Tami  
Testimonials from our Clients
"Kids Korner Terrific With Babies -Adrienne at Kids Korner is terrific with my
5 month old son! He is happy and helalthy. She is very patient and takes very good care
of all her wards. I am very pleased. It took me a while to find the right place and some
 of the  other options that I interviewed were just plain SCARY. Highly recommend 
this day care." - Marta 

   "We have been thrilled with Adrienne and Kid's Korner daycare since our son started 
at 2 months old...Since making the choice to send our son to Kid's Korner, we have grown to appreciate all the little things in addition to the major items that helped us decide on 
Kid's Korner in the first place.  Some of the things we love include: Location & Price, Facilities , Caring & Loving  personality of Adrienne and her staff, Attention to Detail, Flexibility, Professional & Friendly Attitude, Little Extras...The kids are friendly, and
everyone at Kid's Korner always welcomes my son.  It's a very positive environment for my
son, and it's reflected in the smiles on the faces of the children, Adrienne and her
staff."- Randy and Jenny
 "When we picked Kid's Korner we knew our son was going to be taken care of
with love and quality. Picking Kid's Korner has been one of the best decisions
that we have made...Adrienne is a wonderful daycare provider and on a daily 
basis, we trust her with our most prized possession without an inch of 
hesitation or doubt. We know that our son is comfortable and loves to be with Adrienne and the rest of the children at Kid's Korner...We are grateful for her patience, passion and dedication to her business and especially to our  family. Leaving our son at Kid's Korner allows us to complete our day in peace and with no doubt that he is getting nothing but the best care."- Sonia and Isabel
Kid's Korner